Lady Death Movie Details, Pics

New pics from the animated Lady Death film are now online.
Check out new shots from the upcoming straight-to-DVD Lady Death animated movie now online at Comics Continuum.

Andy Orjuela, the film's director/producer, told the Web site he was a fan of Brian Pulido's comic series before agreeing to do the movie. "When I first got involved. I really understood where Brian held Lady Death," Orjuela said. "As a fellow creator, you have to respect that."

Pulido added: "Since the beginning, I knew that Andy got it," Pulido said. "I don't know what your perspecitive is, but I haven't seen anything quite like Lady Death in live-action or animation. Sure, you see these girl-power films, but nothing like Lady Death.

"It's its own thing. And Andy got that. I feel real confident that he's held the torch."

The ADV Film arrives in stores today.
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