Ghost Rider Casting Rumors, Location News

Clayton Watson (who played the Kid in two Matrix films) says he up for a role in Ghost Rider.
Clayton Watson (the Kid in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions) told The Advertiser he's up for a role in the upcoming Ghost Rider film.

"We're just sort of in talks about that at the moment," Watson said. "To play opposite Nic Cage would be awesome."

Meanwhile, director Mark Steven Johnson said filming will start Jan. 31, according to the Herald Sun. Half the film will be shot on the streets of Melbourne, Australia and the rest in Central City Studios at Docklands and at Broken Hill.

Melbourne beat out Sydney and Brisbane: "I just thought it was such a cooler town," he said. "This film is really going to be a showcase for Melbourne.

"There's a huge set-piece on the river downtown near an abandoned railway line, where we're having a big police chase with helicopters," he said.
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