Ghost Rider Film Details

More details about the upcoming Ghost Rider film have hit the Web.
Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson and other project personnel are talking about the film, set to begin shooting in Melbourne, Australia in January 2005.

Johnson and producers Bennett Walsh and Gary Foster attended a film event at the Australian Center for the Moving Image where they talked about the film's long development process. They also confirmed that Imageworks will do the FX and that Nic Cage is "effectively confirmed" although there've been no official announcements, according to a Superhero Hype source.

Johnson said he's trying to stay as faithful to the Marvel comic series as possible while making the concept of a demon-possessed stunt motorcyclist plausible. He described his Ghost Rider as a "Bounty hunter for the Devil", and he described the feel of the film as a modern day western with supernatural elements, according to the source.

Johnny Blaze will be Ghost Rider's alter ego and villains will be Mephistoles and Blackheart as the story takes a Faustian turn. The flaming skull will be CG and Ghost Rider's costume will likely be stunt-rider gear with chains and spikes ala the 1990s version of the character.

An 80-day shoot, including a stadium shot probably for one of Blaze's stunts, begins Jan. 31.

Johnson also answered fan questions on a message board. Check it out here.

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