New Batman Begins Costume, Batmobile Pics

Another look at the Batsuit Christian Bale will wear is here. Also, there's another pic of the Batmobile and a Liam Neeson interview featured.
Rolling Stone magazine did a feature on the Batmobile and there's another pic of Christian Bale's costume from Batman Begins now available. The feature is in the "Cars" section of the issue featuring Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry on the cover.

To check out a bigger shot of the Batsuit, check out JoBlo.

Also, has an article on Batman Begins Minimates coming out soon.

Meanwhile, Liam Neeson talks about playing Bruce Wayne's mentor Henri Ducard at Coming Soon. "I teach him a few skills," he told the Web site. He added that he wasn't surprised at the success of Spider-Man and its sequel-both directed by his Darkman helmer Sam Raimi, adding that Darkman seemed to be a "shot by shot" template for the original Spidey film.

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