Elektra Trailer on TV Thursday

The long-delayed trailer for Elektra hits the airwaves Thursday. Meanwhile, two villains from the flick reveal some plot details.
Warning: Spoilers

The Elektra trailer will be featured on Access Hollywood Thursday night (Nov. 11) following a "first look" it had Tuesday night. The trailer should make it online soon thereafter so watch this site for details.

Meanwhile, Will Yun Lee and Natassie Malthe who play Kirigi and Typhoid Mary respectively in the film talked with About.com regarding their roles. Check out the full interview here.

Here's a couple of highlights:

Question to Malthe: "How did you get hooked up with role of Typhoid Mary in Elektra?”

A: "I auditioned for the part. Basically when I saw it, I thought it would be really right for me. Typhoid is a villain. She kills with her kiss and her touch. Basically, I seduce people," she told About.com.

Regarding her costume: "It’s a kimono. A short mini-skirt and long in the back a – a beautiful kimono. And I have a Mohawk to make her look tougher. I have three costumes. One’s a Gucci outfit – just absolutely beautiful. It’s just stunning with little tiny folds in it everywhere. It’s very expensive. I wish they would have given me one because they had five (laughing). And then this other one Lisa, our costume designer, made. She’s brilliant. It’s this see-through thing with black leather pants that are tied at the bottom. [It's] suffocatingly tight."

Lee was asked how he got involved in the film: "It was in Vancouver. It’s really dark. I think the way Rob Bowman shot it, it's a really dark movie. I saw a lot of it and Jennifer Garner’s great in it."

Malthe said there's been some talk of a sequel and she'd love to come back for it.

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