Nic Cage Still Mulling Ghost Rider Role

The sullen one is apparently not a done-deal for the Mark Steven Johnson film.
Despite years of talk, Nic Cage has not yet signed on to do Ghost Rider, although he's still thinking about it.

Cage told Latino Review that "I'm very curious about that. However, I'm still in talks about that particular movie. It's not a definite at this point."

What is holding him back? "It's really just a matter of the vision of the movie and how it will be portrayed. It's talks about script and things like that. It's true that I was involved with Ghost Rider over three years ago and was trying to develop it with another filmmaker. These things are very sensitive. It's a bullseye and you really have to hit it. Otherwise it may not work. So it's best for everyone to be cautious and make sure it's got the right auspices."

Cage confirmed that he was considered for the roles of Superman in Tim Burton's once-planned version of the film, was asked to play Green Goblin in Spider-Man I and he's not playing Skeletor in the He-Man movie, despite Internet talk.

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