Fantastic Four Film Set Visit, Comic Update

There's a new report from the Vancouver set of the FF film, plus word of the comic adaptation.
Warning: Spoilers

Comic fave writer Peter David got the nod to write the Fantastic Four film adaptation comic, he told his Web site earlier this week.

"As for the FF film, I can tell you with authority (but without going into detail) that it is not at all the goofball comedy as first reported, but instead faithful in tone and style to the Lee/Kirby comics," David wrote. "There's some major changes in terms of the origin, but less than what they did in 'Ultimate FF,' and besides, c'mon--four people trying to get to the moon before the Russians? Just a TAD dated. How do I know this? Because I've been hired by Pocket Books to do the novelization of the film. So this'll be my fourth novelization of a Marvel comics movie."

Also, a source for Superhero Hype reported in with another set visit. Here's a highlight: "I was watching them film a part of the fight between Dr.Doom and Thing, when Doom takes a broken street lamp and swings it at Thing when he's running at him full speed, hitting him then throwing Thing back 30 feet, then landing on the ground and causing a crater where he lands.

"What I noticed is that thing was in his 'Uniform' which consists of him wearing only the FF blue tights, 4 logo and the big black boots (yep, he wears boots). This night was also the first time I saw Doom so I have to be honest, I'm not too impressed on a first impression, but then again all i saw was a guy in a metal mask swing a pole. no context as to why he wears what he wears."

The Thing suit and the realistic look of the film were also noted.
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