Blade Trinity's Dracula Revealed

Here's your first look at the super-baddy from the upcoming third Blade film.
Warning: Spoilers

The latest issue of Fangoria on the newsstands shows Dracula as depicted in the upcoming Blade Trinity film.

The film, starring Wesley Snipes (Blade), Jessica Biel (Abigail Whistler) and Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King), opens Dec. 8 and was written and directed by David Goyer.

Also, Reynolds told Bloody Disgusting that he's in line to do the Nightstalkers spin-off film with Biel. "New Line sees it as a new franchise for them, there's a lot of interesting characters in there like the Midnight Sons and all these other guys who are really interesting and they see it as something they can mine out this new franchise," Reynold said.

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