More Set Pics Online, Plus The Torch vs. Doom

Check out these shots of filming on the Fantastic Four film and a thrilling set report.
Warning: Spoilers

A new shot of the Vancouver, B.C. production set from the Fantastic Four movie is now online here.

Meanwhile, new pics are also available at Hollywood North Report.

A source reporting from the set saw Chris "Evans a.k.a. Johnny Storm and Thing and Doom, there was also a stunt double wearing a costume that was read and they lit him on fire and had him attached to cords to make him looke like he was flying, as in a Superman position laying flat and he flew towards Doom and hit him in the stomach with his hands, his hands were the only part on actualy fire." The Torch was not in costume.

Doom was pictured wearing his mask but a green-gray blazer-like suit/cloak, turtleneck black sweater and black boots with a large gold chain around his neck. His face "looked like burn skin with veins and stuff, the mask only went to the back of his ears," the source said. After being hit by the Torch, Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic) stood behind him apparently in a to-be-added later CGI stretch hold.

Other shots of the Torch talking to an attractive girl wearing a black dress, followed by him flying up very fast to the top of a building.
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