Snipes Talks Blade: Trinity

Soundtrack news is online as well.
Blade: Trinity star Wesley Snipes told Comics Continuum that he's constantly trying to make his latest Blade film better than the previous one. "It's a little demanding because we are trying to top ourselves, trying to give the audience more than we gave them previously, trying to be more creative and less repetitive," Snipes said. "It requires a little more attention and focus because we have to dig a little deeper.

"The audience wants that detail -- the comic books have it, especially the successful ones. We can mimic that if we take the time to pay attention to the details. We don't want to leave them short on anything."

David Goyer, writer on all three films and director on this newest, said Snipes was his first choice for the legendary vampire slayer all along. "When I first pitched the idea of doing a Blade movie, the studio felt there were only three actors who could possible do the role: Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and Lawrence Fishburne," Goyer said. "But in my mind, Wesley was always the perfect Blade.

"So when I was writing the first film, he was whom I pictured. Because he's so well trained in martial arts, it comes to him naturally. He has an innate understanding of action and movement and dance. But he's also a clasically trained actor.

"And even though Blade is a man of few words, Wesley imbues him with all these beautiful little nuances."

Meanwhile, New Line Records has launched Music to Slay By, the official Blade: Trinity soundtrack Web site.

"The company has taken an indispensable element of "Blade: Trinity" and used it as the basis for an extensive engaging online music community, an initiative that spotlights both the movie and the soundtrack while encouraging word-of-mouth," according to Hollywood Reporter. "In the final installment of the trilogy, Jessica Biel's character Abigail Whistler creates a musical compilation each time she goes out to purge the world of a vampire or three. She then puts this 'slaylist' on her digital music player and brings it with her while she saves humanity. New Line Cinema and New Line Records built on this when they teamed to launch "Music to Slay By" in the run-up to the movie's Dec. 8 release. The site invites all visitors to create and post their selection of songs suitable for vampire extermination."
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