Starz! Interviews X2 Cast

A fanboy over at Superhero Hype lets us in on the promo he saw on Starz.
'Step' caught part of Starz! channel's "Hollywood One on One" and the X2 cast was talking about the film...

I don't recall seeing anything on your site about this, but yesterday while flipping TV channels, I noticed that the Starz Channel's show 'Hollywood One on One' was showing behind the scenes footage of the new X-Men 2 movie, and talking to actor James (Cyclops) Marsden. I came in on the middle of this, but what I did see was him shooting a scene where he's fighting a few military personnel(with no wires, thankfully), and a scene in the mansion with Professor X, in addition to the latest trailer footage being shown in theatres now. Marsden, who was known to be very vocal about how small his small part was in the original film, now was noticably excited about his role in X2 and the "bigger" feel that the new film has taken.

In addition to Marsden, they also spoke with Kelly Hu and Patrick Stewart. Whereas the majority of the info shared was no 'new' news, Stewart mentioned what he called a "secret" that he wanted to share with the show: He said that he doesn't really care for the sci-fi/genre films that have helped make him famous, and that for some reason those types of parts just come to him, listing as examples roles he'd played all the way back to the original 'Dune', 'Star Trek: TNG' among others.

Check your local listings for when a repeat of the show may air.
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