10 New Photos from Constantine

Plus, new reviews from the screener Warner Bros. hosted.
There's 10 new images from Constantine on the Web at Filmnetz. The film, starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, is based on DC Vertigo's Hellblazer comic series and hits theaters Feb. 18.

Meanwhile, another review from Warner Bros.' test-screening said: "I was pleasantly surprise by what I saw. The movie kicked major a** and it's probably Keanu's best performance since the original Matrix. He plays a rugged magician named John Constantine, who helps a police woman (Rachel Weisz) look into the death of her twin sister who fell to her death off a roof of a hospital. They both find out that her death was not accident and start investigating into it with terrifying results." This reviewer also praised the special effects and the performance of Weisz.

However, another reviewer wasn't as kind: "it's ok, nothing great. The acting is ok with Keanu being Keanu, Rachel Weisz stealing the movie and Shia LaBeouf being a pain in the butt. The special effects are ok but not great and the movie as a whole just works fairly in keeping you interested in what is going on, which is a lot better than the some of the films I have seen this year. It's worth a look but only once."

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