Spider-Man 3 To Go Off On Its Own

Director Sam Raimi says the third Spidey film will wrap up its own plot threads rather than be tied to the comic book storylines.
Spider-Man director Sam Raimi says that the third Spider-Man film will have its own direction, separate of Marvel Comics' treatment of the character. "I think the audience has been tracking this love story with Mary Jane Watson [Kirsten Dunst] and Peter Parker, and now they're together," he told Filmstew. "The way they got together and the reality of the movies is slowly becoming more dominant of a guiding force than the books, just because so many unique things have been set up in the movies that have now got to be completed in the third part, that there's a demand to do that."

Meanwhile, Raimi may go back on his previous statement that he'd step out of the director role in the anticipated fourth film. On the extras of the Spider-Man 2 DVD in stores now, Raimi said "If I have the same passion after this (Spider-Man 3), I would love to direct (No. 4) and hope they would ask me," USA Today notes.

The DVD sold more than 6 million copies during its first day-not a record but very healthy, Hollywood Reporter says.

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