Nightstalkers Talk and New Blade Clip

Hear what writer/director David Goyer has in mind for a Blade film spin off.
Warning: Spoilers

New Line Cinema and Blade Trinity writer/director David Goyer plan to spin off the Nightstalkers characters from the film debuting today into their own film franchise.

Goyer and stars Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King) and Jessica Biel (Abigail Whistler) talked with Superhero Hype about the prospect. When Goyer was asked: "Can you tell us what about Ryan made you think he should be Hannibal King? Were you that big a fan of Van Wilder?"; he replied: "I love casting against type and doing things you wouldn't expect, because I think you get more interesting performances that way. Hollywood loves to pigeonhole people and there's nothing an actor loves more than to do something different. I knew of Ryan from various films and through acquaintances. I knew that he was very bright, very funny and very good with improv. It was more a question of whether he was committed enough to go through the training regimen and if we could credibly turn him into an action star."

For the full interview, click here.

Meanwhile, New Line has posted a new clip from the film, talking about the history of Dracula. Check out here or here.
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