Trailer for Sin City Described

Here's some details of the first trailer from the movie based on Frank Miller's crime noir classic.
Warning: Spoilers

A Superhero Hype source wrote this about the upcoming new trailer for Sin City, the movie: "I watched it and I have to say that is awesome. I felt as though I was watching exact pages taken from the comic. Much like the comic, the movie is in black and white with the random burst of vibrant color thrown in. Mickey Rourke looks great as Marv. Some of the CGI effects were not completed but overall I think that it looked great. Based on customer feedback this could very well be the truest comic to movie that we have ever seen. No word on when it will be released but normally when we get the trailers they are released to the public about two months after.

"It opens with Marv in a bedroom mourning the loss of a woman in a heart shaped bed. The bed is colored in bright red while everything else remains black and white. Next shot is of a bunch of cops at his apartment door telling him to come out. Marv somehow blows the door of the hinges allowing him to escape.

"The next scene opens with Bruce Willis walking into a bar and talking to a waitress (Brittany Murphy) who points him to the stage where Jessica Alba is dancing seductively.

"The rest plays out in a series of quick shots of Benicio Del Torro in a car, Rosario Dawson walking with a gun, Clive Owen (Dwight) sneaking around a corner, Marv jumping feet first into a police car window, Bruce Willis jumping from a car that has just sped off a cliff, the girl from 2Fast 2Furious (not sure of her name but her character was named Suki) jumping onto the roof of a car armed with two swords,and one final very cool shot of Elijah Wood. You would not know it was him unless they said so because his face is totally blacked out and the glasses that he has on or all white so that none of his physical features other than the shape of his head can be seen.

"It ends with Marv saying that you can find anything in the alleys of Sin City."

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