Raimi Pressed about Spider-Man 3 Storyline

Sam Raimi's mug isn't usually selected for the cover of major magazines, but lets face it, The Costco Connection doesn't exactly fall into that category. Although, credit where credit is due, the "buy bulk" store's December issue did a fair intervi
CC: We hear that you and your brother have been working on the story for Spider-Man 3. The sense you get toward the end of Spider-Man 2 is that Peter and Harry Osborn will face off in the third. Is that a fair assumption?

SR: (laughing) I can't tell you that!

CC: I knew you'd say that. Well, what can you tell us?

SR: I can't tell you anything. I've been sworn to secrecy. All I can tell you is that we're going to see the next progression in the growth of Peter Parker as a human being. He's really just a boy, on his way to becoming a responsible young man. He still has a lifetime of lessons in front of him.

CC: Will you be hanging up your mask after Spider-Man 3, or will you keep making more of these films?

SR: I never know if they're going to want me for another one. But if the studio did make a part four, and if they'd ask me, I'd be thrilled to do it.
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