Superman 5 Casts Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane

Warner Bros has found their Lois Lane. Reliable sources say Kate Bosworth will be Superman's love interest and the Daily Planet's feisty reporter. Also rumored to have screentested: Elisha Cuthbert, Claire Danes and Keri Russell--all believed to have com
"We have heard rumours of a cast get together in January and a possible photo shoot to go with an announcement of the full cast but take that with a pinch of supersalt. There have also been some more mumurings of Jude Law joining the cast with General Zod and John 'Metallo' Corben mentioned as possible roles. Again take a rather large pinch on that one."

"Some suit details are also leaking through - expect to see some more darker colours for the costume and a 3D Superman symbol."

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