Kevin Spacey on Being Luthor

The genius character actor talks about being named Superman's nemesis.
Kevin Spacey chimed in about being cast as Lex Luthor in Bryan Singer's Superman film now that the casting is official.

There was some concern that Spacey's theater schedule at the Old Vic in London would preclude his participation. But, "You make it work, Bryan is a great friend of mine and of course he is also a great director. He has so much passion for this project. Even before any of the X-Men films he had a great story idea for Superman that he would mention from time to time to his close friends and know he will be able to see his ideas fulfilled. Besides we're talking about Lex Luthor," he told IESB.

Singer has stated that the film resembles Superman 1 and 2 in tone: "I think that it will resemble those films but at the same time it won't. From what I have been told fans of the first films will recognize plenty but this film will also stand alone. Superman has been around way before the films of the 70's and 80's so the world has an understanding of he is. You also have a great TV show that is showing Clark's younger years and that is shaping up who Superman will eventually become," Spacey said.

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