Kent Farm Secrets from Superman Revealed

Where will Clark Kent grow up in the upcoming film?
Breeza, Australia, will double as Smallville, Kansas, in Bryan Singer's Superman. Breeza is about 45 kilometers from Tamworth, according to the Northern Daily Leader.

You can learn more here.

Meanwhile, Smallville TV series co-creator Miles Millar told Sci Fi Wire that the movie and the WB series won't clash. Warner Bros. said the TV show couldn't show any Kryptonian characters on screen. "Jor-El will feature later on this season," he said. "He's not going to be [on screen], but we're cool with that now. It's fine."

Terence Stamp (General Zod from Superman II) will return to voice Jor-El in the upcoming episodes, Millar said. (Does anyone besides me suspect that 'Jor-El' is actually Brainiac posing as Kal El's father?).

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