20 Pics From Man-Thing Movie

There's a wealth of promo shots from the Man-Thing movie that's debuting on the Sci Fi Channel.
Check Comics Continuum where you can see 20 promotional images from the straight-to-TV (and then on to DVD) Man-Thing movie.

The film, based on Marvel's swamp creature, debuts April 30 on the Sci Fi Channel. It was originally planned for an August theatrical release. Brett Leonard directed from Hans Rodionoff's script.
The cast of Man-Thing includes Matthew Le Nevez, Rachel Taylor, Jack Thompson, Rawiri Paratene, Patrick Thompson and Steve Bastoni.

Here's how Sci Fi describes the film:
"Angry conflicts arise between an oil tycoon developer and the Seminole Indians who are being pushed out of their ancestral homelands. When construction crewmembers start turning up dead, law enforcement immediately suspects the Seminoles. But further investigation points to the swamp creature know as Man-Thing, a dangerous entity that feeds off human emotion and literally burns those who know fear."
It's possible the film could be out on DVD as early as June.

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