Constantine's Keanu Talks Superhero Roles

Reeves talks about other superheroes he'd love to play and MTV offers a sneak peek at the Hellblazer adaptation.
Constantine star Keanu Reeves told MTV he was asked to take a role played by two other famous Reeves before him: Superman. He turned it down, he said, because even he thought it was bad casting.

In late 2002, when much-anticipated Matrix sequels were coming and Reeves had already shown a propensity for flying thanks to his Neo role, then-Superman 5 director Brett Ratner asked him to audition for the lead. Reeves told MTV it was one of the clearest cases of miscasting ever presented to him.

"When studios have a big film like that," Reeves said, "everyone wants to be a part of it, so it's kind of like this feeding frenzy, like raw meat thrown into the ocean. So yeah, I've been around those, but it's never been real. But it's nice to be asked."

Still, Reeves said he's dreamed of playing superheroes since he got into acting at age 15. "It would be cool to be asked to play Batman," Keanu said. "That would be fun," he told MTV.

Also, "if I could, I'd like to do Wolverine," Reeves said. "But that's taken already and done really well, so I think my luck ran out on that one."

MTV is offering a sneak peek at Constantine on Never Before Scene tonight at 7 pm ET.

Meanwhile, there's some shots from the recent press conference in Asia promoting the movie which was attended by star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence. Check them out here.

The film debuts Feb. 18.
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