Location, Casting News for Ghost Rider

There's a set report and new casting updates for the Nic Cage film.
A Superhero Hype source wrote in with this report from the filming of Ghost Rider, now going on down under in Australia:

"I work at motorcycle store around the corner from one of the sets they are building for Ghost Rider," the source wrote. "The set is being built in Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne on a vacant block previously used for parking. Work started a few days ago, and I've heard the location is going to be fitted as a service station (Gas station in the US, I guess).

"Rumour has it this will be featured for around 4 minutes in the film." The gas station set can be seen here.

The film stars Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Wes Bentley as Blackheart and Eva Mendes.

Now, Daniel Frederiksen (Stingers) is reportedly signed up to play a water demon Wallow and Laurence Breuls and Matthew Wilkinson also joined the cast.

Also, Matt Long (Jack and Bobby) is slated to play Johnny Blaze as a teenager and Sam Elliott will take a role, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Elliott's last superhero film role was as Gen. Thunderbolt Ross in the Hulk.
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