Mark Hamill on Comic Book Movies

Mark Hamill was nominated last night at the DVD Exclusive Awards for his work on Comic Book: The Movie. Our friends at IESB spoke to him on the red carpet regarding his upcoming projects...
The Star Wars TV series that he and Kevin Smith have been rumored to be involved with was first and foremost on my mind. He explained that he has not heard an official word from Lucasfilm or even if Kevin Smith is involved. When asked if he would be interested in once again portraying Luke Skywalker on the small screen he quoted James Bond by saying "Never Say Never." He also mentioned that a Star Wars TV series would be a good idea since it could concentrate on the story instead of the special effects. He would like to work with his good friend Kevin Smith again if he gets the chance.

He gave us a couple of updates on the potential of starting production later this year on a film based on his original graphic novel The Black Pearl and also on a sequel to Comic Book: The Movie.

Click on the source link below for the full interview and a 6 minute video clip

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