Sam Elliott cast as Caretaker in Ghost Rider movie?

Writer/Director Mark Steven Johnson reveals casting spoilers on SHH messageboards...
Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has posted another brief update on the film at our SHH! Boards, this time revealing who Sam Elliott will be playing in the film:

"C'mon. Sam Elliott? That long white hair? That cowboy attitude? He's Caretaker! And, yes, "Wallow" is in the movie but in name only. I always liked the name, but in the film he will be one of three demons that work for Blackheart.

Stay tuned for more from MSJ on the boards soon. Thanks to 'BIGGUN' for that bit. Meanwhile, 'Retroman' pointed us to the Herald Sun which reports that Nicolas Cage is already in Australia:

HOLLYWOOD leading light Nicolas Cage and his A-list sized entourage slipped into town from LA largely unnoticed more than a week ago.

Cage spent much of the week rehearsing at the Docklands Studio City for his role as Johnny Blaze in the big budget Marvel Comics adaptation, which begins filming tomorrow.
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