Punisher 2 Movie Update from Thomas Jane

Ain't-It-Cool-News scoopers attended the Dallas Comic Con Convention this weekend, where Tom Jane revealed some new details on The Punisher 2...
The moderator asked Thomas Jane about there being rumors of a possible Punisher 2. Thomas' respone was....."Oh, is that still just a rumor?" We all perked up, Niles asked Jane if he could talk about this, and Thomas said "Why Not." Jane let the cat out of the bag and told the room that yesterday at a studio in north Dallas (he dropped the name, but I don't remember it), they filmed the teaser for Punisher 2. Tom O'Brien, the cover art model of Frank Castle for the Punisher comics who was also at the Con, was also at the shoot yesterday in full costume. Jane said that on his phone, he owns the only picture of himself and the "real" Punisher, both in full costume, standing next to each other. No word on when or where we will see this trailer though.

Jane said that while the script is not finished, he is working closely with the team. He said that he is doing EVERYTHING he can do to get the setting moved to the borroughs of New York and that Jigsaw is "more than likely" going to be the villian in the movie.
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