Revealed: Fantastic Four International Trailer

Here's a description of what fans of the FF are seeing overseas.
A source wrote Superhero Hype with this description of the international trailer for the Fantastic Four movie:

"I had the presence of mind to tape the new trailer from FF on T4 (on Channel 4 here in UK), and I can add the following to Spiderman2k's scoop:

"The opening scenes are near enough the same, except they've changed the entire cheesy flashcard bit to "4 will be changed", "and they will be...", "fantastic"

"The scene with Doom electrocuting the guy in the car park has been dropped. BUT... he *does* pop up in an uber-cool downward-spiral shot of him which finishes on his faceplate, lots of shadow, still rather creepy!

"Action jumps straight to those "before and after" intercuts of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben (the bit with Ben in the spacesuit now shows him looking at his hands while being hit by the rays).

"Reed then catches the bottle, then Johnny snaps his fingers and fire pops out, then we see his orange eyes and flames from under his helmet and across his shoulders.

"Instead of seeing Sue's head starting to fade, we now see her and Reed in a rom-com moment:

"Sue: "Look at me!"
"Reed: "I *can't*!!!" (because of course her head is invisible!!!)

"As Reed slips his hand and arm under the door, we see "MR. FANTASTIC" on the bottom left of the screen in the futuristic font featured on the official site.

"As Sue repels an electrical attack from Doom, we see "INVISIBLE WOMAN", same position, same font.

"The bits with Ben & the firetruck has been changed a bit (he is now seen jumping in from somewhere to catch it) and linked here together with the scene where he crumples the black truck. "THE THING" appears as he straightens up.

"As Johnny takes a dive off the building, "HUMAN TORCH" appears before he streaks away on fire (we no longer see the scene with him kissing the girl while riding a motorbike, nor the bit where he says "You know that looked cool!")

"Finally, we're treated to the following soundbite from The Thing:

"Thing: "I need to borrow your car!"
"Woman: The transmission sticks!"
"Thing: Not a problem! (as he flips it)

"The car blacks out the screen and we see the full official "FANTASTIC 4" logo, but no date. Oh, and APC's CBLSTTROTWD has been replaced by a funkier version of the classical choral piece used in the Spider-Man 2 trailer."

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