V for Vendetta Casting Update

James Purefoy will join Natalie Portman in the Wachowski Brothers' adaptation of the Alan Moore comic.
Resident Evil's James Purefoy will co-star with Natalie Portman in the big screen adaptation of V for Vendetta, the 1980s comic by Alan Moore.

The Wachowski Brothers (the Matrix trilogy) will adapt the series. Here's how Hollywood Reporter describes the plot: "Set in an alternate future in which Great Britain is a fascist state, a freedom fighter known as V (Purefoy) uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. He rescues a young woman (Portman) from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally. Andy and Larry Wachowski wrote the screenplay, which is based on the 10-issue comic book by Moore and illustrator David Lloyd."

James McTeigue is directing and filming in Berlin is beginning in March for a fall release.
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