WizardWorld L.A. Movie Update Wrap-Up

There's news about Batman Begins, The Flash, Deadpool and Punisher 2.
Here's a wrap up of some comic book movie news from the recently finished Wizard World 2005 as reported by an Ain't It Cool News source.

  • The Flash -- Blade Trinity co-star Ryan Reynolds said he's talked with writer David Goyer and that he's ready to go if Warner Bros. gives the okay for the film.
  • Deadpool -- Ryan said Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad still wants him for the film and that Arad just got a call from 20th Century Fox about picking up the rights. "He said he would love to play the part and that it was 'the reason I walked out of my mother'."
  • Punisher 2 -- comic cover artist Tim Bradstreet said work is being done on a Punisher director's cut DVD that will add a few subplots, including Frank Castle's military days, that were cut in the theatrical release. Some of the scenes have the actors in front of green screen with animation/live action hybrid for the background that'll blend in with the opening credits, he said. Bradstreet also had an early Punisher 2 poster which showed the torso of The Punisher holding guns in each hand with a number 2 at the bottom. "Tim also said that work should get started on the sequel soon, and that the director of the first one is working hard on the script for the second one right now."
  • Batman Begins -- a 10-minute clip was shown that is described as: "mainly showing us how Bruce gets to be Batman. It starts with Bruce playing in the garden with a girl when they are both kids. Bruce accidently falls down into a cave where bats swarm him. Bruce's father comes to the rescue and explains to Bruce that the bats were actually scared of him. Later at a show, some of the performers remind Bruce of his incident with the bats. Bruce pleads with his father to leave. Of course as they are leaving we all now what happens. This scene is very violent looking and hard to watch. It's much better than the original movie's version. At the funeral Rutger Hauer tells Bruce he will keep an eye on the empire until he is old enough. This then leads us to a very angry looking Christian Bale. He is talking to someone that says he would have to go a thousand miles to find someone who wouldn’t recognize him. It then cuts to Bruce walking in on the temple of Ra's al Ghul. He asks for the means to fight injustice. He is almost attacked before Liam Neeson steps in. Bruce tries to attack him but gets his a** handed to him. This scene was great, I've never seen Liam look so cool. A little training montage happens and we then get a bunch of quick cuts showing Bruce getting his suit and gear ready, and then we see several iconic shots of Batman brought to life. Then a lot of quick cuts showing off gordon, the batmobile, morgan freeman, katie holmes and some great looking action. The clip ends with Batman getting sprayed by the Scarecrow. The shot of the Scarecrow looks the same as the Super bowl spot, but after he sprays Batman, he looks up and the Scarecrow's mask is all cut with maggots and insects crawling out of the cuts. The Scarecrow then lights Batman on fire and Batman leaps off the building while on fire."

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