Fantastic Four Update From Wizard World

The Human Torch and Avi Arad showed some footage to fans this past weekend.
The Fantastic Four panel at last weekend's Wizard World featured Chris Evans (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch) and Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad.

Here's highlights (as reported to Ain't It Cool News): "Reed's stretching down a huge building, Johnny yelling 'Flame On!' as he turns into a fireball, The Thing vs. truck collision, Doom battling Sue, and The Thing's signature line: 'It's Clobbering Time!' (which got the biggest cheers from the audience)."

Meanwhile, Evans admitted he didn't know the comics at first but has done his research. Arad said it took 11 years for FX technology to catch up to the film's concepts and it took about as long to get the script right. Evans is signed for two sequels.

Arad added that James Marsden (who'll have a part in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns) will return as Cyclops in X-Men 3.
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