Avi Arad: X-Men 3 is More Than Phoenix

The Marvel Studios exec talks about X3's plot and more.
Warning: Spoilers

Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad has this to say to Empire Online about X-Men 3 and the Dark Phoenix storyline: "It should never be this one story. The main characters are more important than Jean Grey," admitted Avi, which should please Famke Janssen no end. "This is a bigger story. Everybody's expecting Dark Phoenix, but Dark Phoenix would never be the main show. She'll be one of the characters, that's it. There are a lot of stories to tell.

"We needed something that is very big," said Arad. "In movie two, it was mutants against humans. In movie one, it was trying to understand. In movie three, it is probably philosophically the most interesting and provocative for all of us."

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