New Batman Begins Video Interview & TV Trailer

Christian Bale, star of the upcoming Batman Begins movie, is talking about what it's like to wear the cape and cowl.
Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman) recently talked with IESB about wearing the Batsuit and driving the Batmobile. Click here to see the video interviews conducted at Wonder Con in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, a new teaser trailer has hit TV screens. Here's how it was described to Superhero Hype: "I just saw a new teaser during ESPN's Sports Center! It didn't have any footage or anything. It started on the red sky seen in the posters. Then bats fly from left to right eventually blocking out the entire sky. The titles appear: Batman Begins June 17."

Another spot was seen on Spike TV: "It' was a bunch of bats against a reddish orangish sky, and then it said Batman Begins."
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