Watchmen Movie in Trouble?

Internet talk indicates Paramount wants to scale back the movie's budget despite pre-production work that promises one of the best comic book movies yet made.
Paramount Studios might be re-thinking the $100-million budget it preliminarily set aside for Paul Greengrass' Watchmen movie.

That's according to Ain't It Cool News which cites inside sources.

But a set visit to the movie's production offices in Pinewood indicate the Bourne Supremacy director is moving in the right direction for devoted fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' iconoclastic superhero drama.

The studio should take notice, Empire Online says. "Well, if they've seen what Empire saw on our recent visit to the movie's production offices at Pinewood (and they have), they wouldn't have a moment's hesitation in backing the project immediately - for Watchmen is going to rock. Hard.

"Lucky beggars that we are, Empire recently got to spend a very pleasant day in the pre-production offices of Watchmen, chatting to producer Lloyd Levin, director Paul Greengrass and writer David Hayter. The talented trio were in a sharing mood, as they allowed us a peek into the creative process that looks set to produce one of the best superhero films yet.

"Since Watchmen is considered by many to be the very pinnacle of graphic novels, every effort is being made to ensure that the film lives up to the book's illustrious reputation – and transfer the look and feel of the book to the screen. Which is why we saw detailed screen tests, trying out variations on Doc Manhattan's radioactive, blue look. Not to mention early costume designs for Nite Owl and Rorschach that seek to bring them up to date without losing their trademark look. Nite Owl, in particular, now looks harder and more metallic, and slightly less like a man dressed as a giant owl.

"More importantly, we saw an animatic version of the first three minutes of the film, a sort of pre-shooting test that is increasingly used as a sort of animated storyboard to give the director, producers and anyone else who needs to know a clue about what this is going to look like. And if this is any clue, Watchmen is going to look spectacular," Empire Online says.

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