Ryan Reynolds Flashes the Press

Blade Trinity's Hannibal King is hopeful The Flash movie will speed ahead.
Blade Trinity actor Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King) gave reporters an update on The Flash, the DC Comics' adaptation he hopes to do with writer/director David Goyer.

"The Flash is something David Goyer is writing now and we're hoping Warner Brothers will greenlight it," he told ComingSoon.Net during promotion of The Amityville Horror remake he stars in. "The story he has for it is unbelievable. I mean you know it's such a mind-boggling story, so I'm really excited about it. There's so much I didn't realize about the laws of physics and relativity that you can get into with the Flash. And you know the fact that he's basically doing things like arriving before he's left. I mean this stuff to me is really interesting to capture on film.

"If it all goes well, I'll be playing it. I have a penchant for wearing red unitards to various parties around town so I'm in," Reynolds said. "There's nothing contractual about it," he continued. "David Goyer and I have always said we would like to do it together and Warner Brothers seems to approve of that."

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