Ryan Reynolds as Sub-Mariner Too?

He played Hannibal King. He wants to play the Flash. And now there's rumors about him being Prince Namor. And what's this about the Rock and Silver Surfer?
Ryan Reynolds, who played Hannibal King in Blade Trinity and wants to suit up for The Flash, is now being pursued for the lead role in Marvel's Sub-Mariner movie, according to Latino Review.

Reynolds told the site he's not only had discussions about "The Flash" but also "The Sub-Mariner," a role some have tied to The Rock.

"Avi Arad, who owns Marvel, bought it up to me [The Sub-Mariner] and that would be
something I'd be keen on", says Reynolds. "From what I've learned from Avi, it's quite an undertaking, so it's going to be a pretty big movie."

Chris Columbus is reportedly directing.

Meanwhile, the same article hints Marvel wants The Rock to play Silver Surfer.
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