Ghost Rider Hits the Rails

Another set report from the Ghost Rider film details the latest location for shooting.
Warning: Spoilers

An online report to Superhero Hype describes where Ghost Rider is currently filming in Sydney, Australia:

"Tonight's shot is occurring on the Sandhurst rail-line, which is an abandoned trainline coming away from Flinders Street Station and crossing over the Yarra River towards Crown Casino. Just been told that Nic Cage is at the set in full black leather. Of course my source is as close as he can be (which is unfortunately on the other side of the Yarra).

"Word is they are filming under the bridge at the moment, and it looks as if Nic Cage has a yellow motorcycle helmet on. Possibly to be used to CGI a skull and flames on afterwards...?

"I have heard the shooting will next be at the AXA Plaza on Collins Street both tomorrow and Friday night. I plan to have another look then and see if I can spot something interesting.

"Then on Monday the 18th the cast and crew will be moving to Bacchus Marsh for a few days of filming, both day and night shots."
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