How Did They Do Those Cool Sin City Digital FX?

Troublemaker Digital Studios answered filmmamer Robert Rodriguez' call, that's how.
Click over to VFX Blog to read an interview with Troublemaker Digital Studios' Rodney Brunet and Eric Pham. Troublemaker did the digital special effects on Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's Sin City, near tearing up the box office.

Here's a clip from the interview: "To help bring Frank Miller's 'Sin City' graphic novels into the movie world, director Robert Rodriguez entrusted his own Troublemaker Digital Studios to visualise the look and feel of the film. A small team of artists delivered a multitude of storyboards, layout designs, animatics and early scene renders to aid filming on the green screen stage and for later visual effects completion. Troublemaker's Rodney Brunet and Eric Pham discuss their time-crunching design and previz work on Sin City with vfxblog."

Interviewer Ian Failes asked Brunet how hard it was to work on two so very different Rodriguez' films (Spy Kids, Sin City): "It really seemed to be a natural transition from the Spy Kids series, specifically. The third installment was almost completely shot on green screen. I think we have all grown so accustomed to shooting this way. Sin City was initially easier, mainly because we had Frank Miller’s work to use as a guide. His panels laid it all out for us to match and sped up the layout phase considerably."
Sin City has earned $54.6 million after two weeks' release in the U.S.

Thanks Ian, for the tip!
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