New Ghost Rider Set Report, Pics

Details from the Australia set of the Nic Cage actioner keep pouring in.
There’s another Ghost Rider set report coming in from Down Under, courtesy of the Herald Sun:

"In four hours of chaos in central Melbourne last night there was a chase, shots were fired and a special police emergency team was called but no one was arrested.

"The cast and crew of the film Ghost Rider moved to the heart of the city to shoot a scene from the movie that stars Nicolas Cage.

"While all the commotion caused some concern among pedestrians, their fears were soon put to rest when they realised the police uniforms were black.

"The unfamiliar marking 'Sheriff' on the sides of the cars also gave onlookers a clue, not to mention the dozens of cameras.

"Filming has closed the subway at the river end of Flinders St station until Thursday."

And a Superhero Hype source added:

"I went down to Yarra river footbridge last night to watch the filming of the bridge sequence from 'Ghost Rider'. (I snuck in behind the fence at the train station for some close ups!) This sequence involved the police and swat team storming the bridge with a chopper circling. Following the character who is being pursued (Ghost Rider?) diving into the river, the police trained their weapons on the water.

"A later sequence shot involved the snipers and police training their weapons on a currently unidentified target. These sequences are being directed by a female, identified here in the pink top on the bridge (2nd unit director?). On completion, construction workers set about installing a platform for a possible stunt sequence.

"Meanwhile in Hosier St, a few blocks away, they were filming an alleyway sequence. I got talking to the security staff who said it was principle photography but I am unsure who was present."

Another scooper writes: "Today I went to Southgate Bridge and I saw Ghost Rider shooting. I was there like from 6 to 7 PM and I got to see only one shoot where all the SWAT and police members run from both sides of the bridge and they start to shoot at the water (guess they're shooting at someone in the water, but nothing on the water though). No nicolas cage or any other actor seen on the spot. Even when I got back there around 10-11, they're still taking the same shot (the police runs towards the midlle and shooting to the water) over and over again..."

Pictures from the set are also available here and here.
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