Batman Begins Changes Date, Trailer Info

There's a plethora of Bat-news updates to be had. Read on, Bat-fan!
Here's the latest on Batman Begins, the Chris Nolan-directed film that stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/The Batman.

  • Warner Bros. has moved the debut date up to June 15 instead of June 17. That brings the release date closer to spy thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith but further away from War of the Worlds.
  • The official Batman Begins movie Web site offers a new screensaver for the film.
  • Also, new pics from the film can be found at a German fan site here.
  • A new ad for the Batman Begins soundtrack, composed by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer, can be seen here.
  • A description of the Batman Begins trailer that plays in select theaters with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and debuts Friday with XXX: State of the Union is now online. Here's how a Superhero Hype source describes it:
    "I've watched the trailers-the batman begins run came with hitchhikers guide yesterday, though it is on XX2s list. I was only able to watch the batman begins trailer, as we havent done a sneak showing of xxx2 yet.
    "The Batman one starts off like this-
    "the warner bros logo flashes and as it does were panning over Gotham at night-cut to glimpse of Bruce Wayne walking down a long set of stairs outside-
    "Bruce:The good need a hero to rally behind.
    "Batman leaps up onto the side of a bulding goes to jump-
    "Bruce-The criminals need a fear.
    "Batman jumps off the edge-the same jump from the recent 10 second trailer.
    "He falls and his wings expand and he soars over the screen, giving a spectacular look at batman.
    "Then we see Katie Holmes-she falls backwards-the scarecrow rears up on a horse that breathes fire.
    "A man swings on Batman with a sword as the ride ontop of a train.
    "A cop car hits both and flips off a car-The Batmobile roars over some spikes-sparks flying.
    "Two men rocket off the edge of an steep ice hill.
    "Katie Holmes screams-Batman with no cape jumps, flying through the air-a shot from the second trailer.
    "Suddenly its day-were panning very fast over vast ice forms.We see Ducard, played by Liam Neeson, leading Bruce over the ice.
    "Ducard-your parents death wasnt your fault.
    "bruce lashes-theres a quick sword fight.
    "On screen words-white lettering behind dark clouds-This june
    "Batman rides ontop of something moving very fast.
    "Bruce Wayne trains-Ducard utters "are you ready to begin?"
    "Cut to Bruce in a sword fight-fire around him
    "On screen words-Get ready
    "Bruce looks up in the cave-hundereds of bats.
    "Batman head look up. Batman punches somebody. A car explodes in a street.
    "Gordon-What is that?
    "Batman-back up.
    "We watch in a long 5 second shot hundereds of bats swarm over cops and swarm huge, vast, building.
    "On screen words-Strap in
    "Gordon-take my car
    "Batman-ive got mine
    "The batmobile roars down a street
    "Batman swings from a train-smashes through glass.
    "Bruce is with morgan freeman, who shows him the suit.
    "Morgan Freeman-virtually indestruable.
    "On screen words-Face your fear
    "Batman walks surrounded by hundereds of bats.
    "A building surrounds by snow explodes.
    "Katie Holmes runs away-Batman grabs her-
    "Katie-where are we going?
    "Batman shoots his gun onto a tower above-
    "They rocket up as a bunch of people swarm beneath them.
    "The batmobile rides over the camera. A cop car flips over. Bruce side kicks a ninja. Bruce swords fights. A house burns to the ground.
    "The music stops-focus on a Ras face-
    "Ras-gotham city must burn to the ground.
    "Then we see Bruce in a cave-in a tuxedo-
    bruce-ive got a job to do.
    "On screen words-evil
    "A hand puts on a black glove. A black cape swishes.
    "On screen words-fears the knight-
    "Batman swings around-Batman runs at the camera-a train runs off the track. Alfred looks up. Gordon shoots his gun. Batmans cape swishes in the wind. A man shoots up in the rain. A monorail car explodes-disengage. Katie Holmes looks up-an explosion behind her. Bats fill a hole.
    "On screen words-from the director of Memento and Insomnia
    "The batmobile crashes through a gate-
    "On screen words-Christian bale
    "Bruce Wayne looks mad.
    "On screen words-Michael Caine
    "Alfred-just remember...
    "Alfred runs through a burning down house-
    "Alfred-there are still those who care for you.
    "On screen words-Liam Neeson
    "Ducard kicks Bruce.
    "On screen words-Katie Holmes
    "Katie-the boy I knew never came back.
    "Katie shoots something.
    "On screen words-Gary Oldman
    "Gordon punches somebody-
    "on screen words-and morgan freeman
    "Morgan Freeman in a hard hat walks around.
    "Batman elbows a man.
    "On screen words-this summer
    "Batman screams-batman glides
    "On screen words-fear ends
    "The scarecrow rises on a horse-a car in a street explodes and flips over.
    "On screen words-Justice prevails
    "Batman glides with his cape-jumps off a stair well-his cape elarges
    "Cut to huge white letters- BATMAN BEGINS
    "The new logo fades in the back.
    "Now a new(and much better looking) version of this-
    "a man in the dark-scared- yells
    "Man-where are you?
    "Batman is already in th frame-lighting suddenly exposes him-
    "cut to:
    "It begins June 15th"
  • IMAX has posted a trailer of Batman Begins on its Web site.

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