Ray Park Says Iron Fist is Still On

Despite no news for months, the Iron Fist movie is still being planned, said presumed star Ray Park.
Martial artist/actor Ray Park says the Iron Fist movie, based on the Marvel Comic character, is still happening despite months of no news on the project.

Marvel reportedly switched the project to a new studio which should signal renewed interest in the movie, Park told Superhero Hype.

Iron Fist is the story of Danny Rand, a Westerner orphaned in the Himalayas and trained by mystic monks in the martial arts. As the costumed hero, Iron Fist, Danny could focus his spirit energy into his fist "making it like onto a thing of iron."

Meanwhile, Park denied reports that he's in talks to return as Toad in X-Men 3. He says he's not been approached about returning.
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