FF Plot Spoiler & Dr. Doom Concept Art

Director Tim Story reveals a major plot detail and you can see early concepts of Dr. Doom.
Warning: Spoilers

Director Tim Story told The U-Daily Bulletin his Fantastic Four film targets a famous New York City landmark:

"The fun part was just envisioning stuff that you know is impossible and actually doing it," the director says. "We pretty much destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. Knowing that you can't destroy that thing, for us to have pulled that off just makes you have the courage that you can do anything in film."

Read the entire interview here.

Meanwhile, Spectral Motion revealed Conceptual Work it did for Dr. Doom in the movie. Click on the company’s Web site and then go to Conceptual Work and Photoshop Illustration.

Meanwhile, the official Web site for the FF soundtrack album has tow more clips with tracks by Omnisoul and Breaking Point.

The Fantastic Four movie hits theaters July 8.

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