Sam Raimi Talks Spidey

Sam Raimi on Spidey and Future Comic Book Adaptations
IESB has just posted a brand new inteview with Spider-Man director Sam Raimi whom discusses the future of the Spider-Man franchise and much more.

With the success of Spiderman one would find it hard to believe that Sony would be willing to put an end to the money making franchise after the third film.

Sam stated that Sony has plans for a total of six films. Will he be involved in all six? He does not know at this time but if he feels as strongly about the stories as he did with Spidey 2 he just might.

What about tackling another comic book franchise? Sam certainly gave comic book fans something to look forward to. He says thanks to the success of Spiderman he plans on working on possibly two other adaptations.

You can watch the new interview HERE

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