Batman Fighting Joker Next?

Is Batman going to face Joker and Two-Face in the next two sequels to Batman Begins? And a new photo of Scarecrow!
Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer openly spoke of his plans for future Bat-sequels in an interview that appears in the latest issue of Premiere Magazine, according to Empire Online.

Essentially confirming longtime Web rumors, Goyer is said to have advised the mag:

"The next one would have Batman enlisting the aid of [Jim] Gordon and [D.A. Harvey] Dent in bringing down the Joker... but not killing him, which is a mistake they made in the first one. ... In the third, the Joker would go on trial, scarring Dent in the process" and thus creating Two-Face.

So maybe fans will see Guy Pearce as Harvey Dent in the upcoming sequels?

The Premiere cover story also features a slew of cool new photos, one of which can be seen below.

Stay tuned to CBM for the latest....
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