New International Batman Begins Trailer

There's talk of an international trailer for the Batman Begins movie that contains scenes not previously shown in the U.S.
A Superhero Hype source writes that there's an international trailer for Batman Begins that features scenes we haven’t seen on this side of the Big Pond.

"I'm in Germany, and there is a new trailer out there. Yesterday, I saw VIVA TV (equal to MTV) and there 'Film ab' with some trailers. Ok, but the last trailer was for 'Batman Begins' with some never before seen scenes. All I can remember was:
Bruce Wayne throws a pistole away. Bruce Wayne dress up in black with a kind of skimask (not Batman outfit)."

Sounds like the trailer focuses on Bruce’s early days as a crimefighter before Batman donned his characteristic ears and got rid of his sidearm.
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