X3 Took Six Days to Write

Director/screenwriter Michael Vaughn says writing the third X-Men film took him less than a week.
In a interview with CHUD, X-Men 3 director Michael Vaughn says the script took him just six days to pen.

When Vaughn came to the project after Bryan Singer left: "There was no script and I said this is crazy, I'm not making a movie without a screenplay. So we sat down and wrote something – which is pretty good, actually."

Also, Vaughn hinted that the much-anticipated appearance of Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut in X3 isn't necessarily a done deal. He told CHUD Jones isn’t in his directorial debut Layer Cake, just now making it to the U.S. "[A]s much as I love Vinnie, and as much as Ain't It Cool News may be writing about how he might do X-Men, and as much as I love to work with him, with my first movie everyone is going to compare it to Guy [Ritchie, with whom Vaughn worked as a producer]. Everyone is going to think it's going to be like Guy's, so if I start putting in the usual – it would have been easier for me because they’re my pals, and there's nothing better than working with friends. It makes life easier, cutting through the crap."

Also, CHUD asked about Vaughn's interest in comic books and his involvement on Neil Gaiman's short films. "I like comic books," Vaughn said. "I don’t read them like I used to. I like graphic novels more than comic books. That's how I got to know Neil Gaiman. I like being entertained, I like good stories and I think comics have that. People who write comics take them very seriously, so you get that serious application to a commercial world."

Making the jump from crime film Layer Cake to X-Men was easy he said. There’s "hardly any difference."

Vaughn says pursuing X3 was a mutual thing between him and Fox and explained what angle he'll use in the film: "I think we all have our… I think there's a time in your life where you don’t feel like you fit in. I think everyone has that when you're a teenager, especially, and especially in the society we live in. There's a high demand that you must be like this and look like this, the dogma of modern society is pretty stressful.

"It's about minorities. I'm not a member of a minority but I can empathize with what's going on. I think [Bryan] Singer treats it in a more simplistic manner than I am going to. That's what I thought. Now I’m going to get absolutely pounded!"

Will the same crew come back? "Some of them. It's going to expand on the themes. There are three or four scenes where I know people are going to be shocked and close to tears."

You can read the entire interview here.
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