Spider-Man 3 & 4 Shooting Together

The latest rumors reveal Sam Raimi may be shooting Spider-Man 3 & 4 together.
According to Ain't-It-Cool-News a source over at Stage 20 on the Sony lot has caught a glimpse of some interesting new sights and rumors regarding Spider-Man 3 and 4.

"Someone like Griddlecake Troutwater, whom's eyes are all over Stage 20 on the Sony lot. According to him that Stage is finishing up construction on the areas to house Costume & Wardrobe Department... but not just for SPIDER-MAN 3... the current rumor on the lot is Raimi is going to be shooting 3 & 4 together. Now, amongst the tests Spidey crew have been shooting during the last few weeks, well they've used alot of SAND I hear. Sand being blown around."

Stay tuned to CBM for the latest news....
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