Holmes and Bale Talk Batman

Two new interviews with the stars of Batman Begins and why did Bale nearly turn down the role of the dark knight?
Hotdog Magazine recently interviewed Batman Begins star Christian Bale in which he discussed the reasons why he nearly turned down the role of the caped crusader.

"One of the reasons I was never a fan, I think, is because it always seemed that the villains were more interesting than Batman."

"After meeting with Christopher, I began looking at the graphic novels he liked, books like Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween, and I saw that Batman was more interesting than the villains, and had a lot in common with the villains which I found intriguing."

Female First also posted an interview with another Batman Begins star Katie Holmes whom plays Batman's (Bale) love interest in the upcoming film.

"Christian's great - very sexy, in and out of his suit."

"I had the time of my life making it. You just kind of step into a comic book. I got to ride in the Batmobile and that was one sexy machine."

Thanks to ContactMusic and FemaleFirst
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