Batman Begins Updates

New interview from SFX magazine with BB composers Hans Zimmer and Howard. Another interview with Bale also reveals why he was transformed into a beast.
In the latest issue of SFX Magazine Batman Begins composers Hanz Zimmer and James Howard show there is much more to Batman movie music than Danny Elfman.

"It hasn't happened in recent memory, we were terribly impressed with what we saw. The way the music had to feel was clear to us. The movie is very specific - complex and layered."

"We reached a place where you can only do so many car chases moments etc -- so we wanted to shake it up. When Chris [Nolan] asked Hans to do this, he called me and said, 'How about it?'"

"There is a nice division where I get to go dark with the music and James does the elegance."

"We never really had a solid plan," says Howard, estimating that, "I have a stronger presence in the first half and Hans has the same in the second. There are two themes primarily. One relates to his journey and the other relates to the action."

Meanwhile in a recent interview with Hotdog magazine Bale explains how and why he transformed into a beast every time he donned the Caped Crusader's all-black suit.

"When I put on the costume, I feel like I'm a creature, he doesn't look human.

"The Batman persona, the costume, becomes a part of him, that's why I talk in a beast-like voice when I'm Batman, as if Batman were a creature, which is what I think he thinks he is in the costume."

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