Fantastic Jessica Alba to host on MTV

Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba will host MTV's Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments. Look for it June 9th...
MTV's Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments Hosted by Jessica Alba Since its inception in 1992, the MTV MOVIE AWARDS has had its share of surprises - shocking even Hollywood's most jaded players. For the first time ever, all of these great moments are being packed into one show. MTV's Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments is an unforgettable look at more than a decades' worth of celebrity-drenched highlights. Your host, Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba, is ready to deliver all of the fantastic goods: the over-the-top speeches, performances and backstage antics of the Hollywood elite. MTV's Hot Popcorn includes also includes never-before-seen footage that MTV has finally decided to air. By the time Jessica signs off, viewers will have gotten the full Movie Awards experience. Tossing to the moments packages from different attraction locations at Universal Studios, Jessica Alba will tour fans through the best of the MTV Movie Awards. In keeping with the movie theme, we're organizing our "best of" packages in a unique and fun way--into different genres (from romance and comedy to drama and classics) that will give fans a taste of the action they'll see on the 2005 show. With all the bases covered, MTV's Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments is packed with jaw dropping, anything-goes moments that you can only see on MTV. Package Categories Comedy- The most hilarious movie awards moments over the years. Example: Will Ferrell peeing in his pants to coach Ben Stiller's speech Drama- The most dramatic happenings, from teary-eyed acceptance speeches to tense moments. Example: Mandy Moore's over the top acceptance speech Action- All of the wild, physical stunts that blasted off at the Movie Awards. Example: Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo descending from the ceiling "Mission Impossible"-style Romantic - From the best kisses to the hottest real life couples. Example: Sean William Scott thanking his sixth grade girlfriend when he accepted the Best Kiss award Scary - Anything from horrifying fashions to gross onstage antics. Example: Lil Kim's scary scandalous outfit The Classics - The top MTV Movie Awards moments of all time, period. Example: Sharon Stone's unforgettable feather boa acceptance speech
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