Fantastic Four Spin-off Site asks, "What's Your Super Power?"

Appearing this weekend, at, you can discover what superpower you might display if you were bombarded by cosmic rays like Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben. The online "power predictor" is brought to you via the Fantastic Four movie, and is a spin-off site they are using for a "viral" campaign to get the word out about the movie...
Visitors to can take a multiple-choice and true/false quiz that will ascertain if they have a superpower, and if so, its nature. What's you favorite color? What would you do if you saw a person trapped under a car? What animal would you like to be? What's the best accessory for a superhero? Your answers to these and other questions will reveal the superpower within.

In addition, visitors to the site will get a sneak peak at the superpowers of some of the world's most beloved heroes: the Fantastic Four. Via special clips from the new motion picture Fantastic Four, visitors can see Mr. Fantastic stretch his body into unimaginable shapes; The Thing's super strength and virtual indestructibility; Invisible Woman's control of invisible force fields; and The Human Torch controlling fire.

Fantastic Four opens nationwide July 8th.
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