Mark Steven Johnson Talks Ghost Rider

The director of Ghost Rider talks about the new film's script, violence, brutality, humor, cast, villains, fights, plus much more.
Mark Steven Johnson the director of Ghost Rider was recently interviewed by Latino Review in which he discussed several different topics regarding his new project.

Did you read any material for Ghost Rider before?

Mark Steven Johnson: Oh yeah absolutely, I’ve been reading Ghost Rider, Daredevil all these comics since I was a little kid. I literally learned to read by reading comics. Ghost Rider I wanted to do first, and I met with Avi Arad and even someone before Avi Arad, it’s been so long. This has been seven or eight years in the making.

What’s the level of intensity of violence is in Ghost Rider?

Mark Steven Johnson: Well there is a lot of intensity and there is violence. It’s not a splatter movie and I’m not demeaning that cause I like them a lot. But its not a movie where we’re going to see how much gore we can put into the film, that’s not what its about. The themes are inherently dark, selling your soul to the devil, fight demons all this kind of stuff is inherently dark but that’s also balanced. There is some humor to the movie, there is a love story in the movie and hopefully we’ll have both.

How brutal is it then?

Mark Steven Johnson: How brutal is it? Pretty brutal, if you see a guys face burn off into a skull it’s pretty brutal, that’s pretty intense stuff. The fights are pretty intense. I mean it’s hard core fighting stuff but it’s also somewhere in the realm of fantasy so you’re not going to see blood and guts of people but you are going to see a lot of intense action in the film.

You can read much more from the interview HERE

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